21 Day Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Challenge

eating gluten freeMany people suffer from a wide range of disorders that are often aggravated by the types of food they eat in their daily diet. Some of those people likely have no idea that with a simple change in their diet much of their suffering would just vanish or at least be severely diminished.


This includes people with Celiac disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, heart disease and even arthritis. The truth is, so little is known about many of the above mentioned maladies, that many don’t know where to go to get information on how to live with these diseases.


This is where nutritionist Shirley Plant comes in, she is the author of the ebook The 21 Day Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Challenge. This book provides a roadmap to making positive changes to your diet.



What is the 21-Day GDS Free Challenge?


The 21 day challenge was setup to help the reader develop healthier eating habits that will in the long run provide a much healthier and better quality of life. The first part of the book deals with the effects of gluten in your diet and explains the benefits of eliminating gluten completely from your diet. The second week focuses on dairy products and how removing those from your diet can help relieve symptoms related to lactose intolerance. The final week is dedicated to removing all sugars from your diet


Why we try  the 21-Day GDS Free Challenge


Susan Plant not only offers sound reasons for why eliminating gluten, dairy and sugars from your diet. She also adds includes helpful tips on how to makes the changes more palatable.
eating gluten free


Here are some examples that you will find inside 21-Day Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Challenge:


Restocking your Pantry

– You will learn how to analyze all of the items you currently have in your pantry and refrigerator. Then you will be taught how to better stock them with the proper foods.


Details about Gluten, Dairy and Sugars

– The book includes very detailed information that explains how consuming gluten, sugar and dairy can be exacerbating your condition and you will never know it. Ultimately, by eliminating each of those items will lead you to a much better quality of life.


Check out what  I  can`t eat:

Help  list your  allergist provided of gluten ingredients. Food labels don’t always obviously state GLUTEN or WHEAT.   Saved this list and easy to  referred  when you eat  or go to  shopping


Check out  what I can eat :

Once eliminated the foods with allergens, you could  started working within the parameters of what was left. Smart allergy-veteran friends suggested starting with foods your  family already liked and making modifications to fit the new parameters.

Change in Dieteating gluten free

– You learn that by changing your diet you make more of difference in your well being than all of the meds you are taking. The book also includes many recipes ideas to help make the change easier for you and your family.


Easy to follow guide

– The book is written in an easy to read and understand format. The step-by-step way makes it simple and it also includes several bonuses that will also make it easy to apply all of the principles in the book.


How does it work?


Shirley Plant’s 21-Day GDS Free Challenge is packed with helpful tips on going through your pantry and analyzing each item and help you to completely restock it with the right kind of food.

Along with help in the pantry, the book also included help with preparing the meals and menu planning.


Along with all of the helpful tips, as buyer of her book you will have access to a whole host of resources that will you every step of the ways. These include:


  • Every Monday you will have access to a live phone and recorded Q&A session
  • Access to a Facebook group that only members have access to
  • Loads of Recipes and menu plans to help make the shift to healthier eating
  • Receive frequent emails with motivational and dieting tips
  • and so much more.


what is  the benefit of the GDS Free Challenge,One of our successful challenger tell you

Help You Food controls: when I realized food had a big hold over me. It had become an idol, and a source of misplaced pleasure. Now, don’t get me wrong: I think about food probably just as much, if not more  than I did prior to the dietary changes. Now I’m thinking about food and planning ahead so I don’t get caught without sustenance. I’ve learned that every meal doesn’t have to be an amusement park of frivolity. Some meals are simply nutrition and food, and that’s okay!


More Regularity: Yes, I know sometimes I can be a little too honest. I won’t go into detail here, but suffice it to say things are more regular ,  less forced  than they were before.


Better Senses: My senses have changed, especially my sense of smell and taste.


Easy Weight loss: This is the most visually obvious benefit, and the one that gets people started asking me about the changes I’ve made. So far, I’ve lost about 20 pounds and I haven’t counted a single calorie or fat gram. I eat until I’m full, which is a technique I never understood when I was filling up on gluten, corn and dairy. Fullness comes quicker when food has less fillers. Doesn’t make sense, does it? But it does, at least for  me.


Less victimized, more control: I have more confidence now because I am the one choosing my foods and not being a victim to what I previously perceived as no choice. Now I know that I am not forced to put something in my mouth, and I won’t die from starvation if I choose not to eat something that isn’t a great option for me. I can pass on a piece of “normal” birthday cake because I know the taste isn’t worth all the work I’ve put into cleaning out my system.


Less medication: I was taking eight pills a day for my thyroid, heartburn, acne, lupus, and Raynaud’s Syndrome. I’m down to only two now, and I’m hoping to get off one of them when I see my rheumatologist and tell her the nifedipine just doesn’t help me with my Raynaud’s. And less medication also means less money spent on drugs. Even though I mentioned a higher grocery bill in the “Downside” list above, less medication cost helps with some of that cost.


Conscious and aware: My kids and I are more conscious of the foods we eat. They read labels now, which I think is good. It’s not in an obsessive way, but in a food-conscious way. They are aware of the food that goes into their bodies, and are equipped to make better choices.


eating gluten free



Many people do not realize that their diet could be playing a big role in much of their health issues as they deal with serious diseases. The 21-Day Gluten Free Dairy Free Sugar Free Challenge was created to help fix this issue. With plenty of menu suggestions and recipes ideas this comprehensive guide is everything you will need. Just click below  to see it for yourself.


gluten free breakfast ideas

 Download a free preview now.


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