Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

Food allergies and gastrointestinal diseases can present people that suffer from them with unique eating challenges. Many of the most popular dishes contain the very ingredients that mostly commonly trigger reactions or exacerbate certain stomach disorders. Gluten is one of the things that is found quite frequently in many processed foods.


If you are one of the many people that are allergic to gluten than you already know what we are talking about. In this article we will be talking about suggestions on how to make the right choices and still be able to enjoy eating.


What is Gluten Free?


Gluten is defined as the naturally occurring proteins in most grains like; barley, wheat, rye and other types of grain. When a person with intestinal issues like celiacs disease eats food containing gluten, it can cause the lining of the small intestine to be permanently damaged.


When you see food products labeled with the words “gluten free” it means that levels of gluten are between 0 and 20 parts per million. This represents what the FDA has deemed safe for all people to consume, even if you suffer from Celiacs Disease or an allergy to gluten.


Why should you chose gluten free?

Many people with autoimmune disorders or illnesses/disease that seem to be difficult or slow to cure have shown positive results from removing gluten from their diets. One little known fact many wheat farmers were growing plants that were genetically altered to have a much higher gluten content to improve the breads elasticity when using the wheat flour.


This higher gluten content has led to a marked increase in the diagnosed cases of celiacs disease and other gluten sensitivities. Choosing to be gluten free is also a good idea if you are on an antibiotic, because consuming gluten while taking antibiotic can cause serious health problems.


The importance of eating breakfast

There is a lot of sound science behind the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Much of it centers around the fact that while you sleep your brain continues to produce neural pathways and because you do not eat while you sleep it is important to break the fast or breakfast to nourish your brain.


So skipping breakfast can cause you to suffer from nutrient deficiencies that can lead to a wide range of diseases and disorders. Obesity has also been linked to skipping of breakfast due to the slower metabolism.


Some recommended Gluten Free breakfast options


#1 Toast topped with a spread made from sunflower seed spread with a little Spectrum Naturals Decadent Cocoa-Chia-Flax Mix lightly sprinkled on top.


#2 Grain-free pancakes topped with banana slices and sprinkled with coconut


#3 Quick Citrus and Blueberry Shake


#4 Gluten-free oatmeal with apple slices and cinnamon


Benefits of following a Gluten Free Breakfast


Helps explain what gluten can do to you - The effects of gluten on ones body is not a widely talked about topic and the effects of consuming gluten can be quite severe.


Show the importance of not skipping breakfast – Skipping breakfast has been linked to obesity and has a profound effect on the metabolism.


Gives some breakfast ideas - It includes many easy to prepare delicious gluten free breakfast ideas



It would appear that gluten is being found to be the cause of more widespread intestinal diseases and disorders. Knowing more about gluten free options when it comes to deciding on what to eat for breakfast can make all the difference in world. The more you know, the healthier you will be.





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